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Fear is NOT an Option.

This week at church we had a potluck dinner accompanied with a 30 minute sermon. The topic was Getting Unstuck from Fear, based off of 2 Timothy 1:7 – “For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind.” I was very encouraged because for me fear can be a strong driving force, mainly fear of failure, and failure is not an option. Failure is when I allow fear to take over and I give up or it keeps me from taking chances. The truth is 14 years ago through The Word of God, I read that I am a new creature in Christ and that the old “me” is out and the new “me” is in. After being at Transformation Life Center for two years, The Lord set me on a path to go to school which I was afraid of and very much intimated. I never considered myself a studious person or a school smart type of guy, I considered myself more of a “street smart” kind of guy. I was afraid that I was going to fail in school and go back to TLC with my head down. But I chose to instead of focusing on that fear to focus on God’s truth which carried me through these last 11 years of school. I want to encourage you all ( and I’m speaking to myself as well) “For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind.” He transitioned me from school to LIFEiLEAD and the same fears are creeping in, but I will not forget that when I choose to believe that this fear is NOT from God that He has not given this fear to me then I can say in confidence LIFEILEAD will succeed not because any of us with LiL are brilliant but because we serve a God that surpasses any understanding. He is making this possible. I just wanted to pass along the encouragement and challenge I received last night.

Engagement Pics 196



I have been hesitant in writing you these past few days because I don’t really know how to put into words what I’m feeling. What do I say … that I’m proud of you? Those words seem entirely insufficient. They don’t begin to capture what I’m feeling.

I don’t know if even YOU can fully comprehend what a big deal this is. To go from hopeless drug addict to a DOCTOR specializing in the recovery of the very thing that nearly killed you? Are you kidding me?!!

All I can say is that I am humbled to have had front row seats to this entire journey so far. I am honored to have played a small role in your story. And I am BEYOND honored and humbled to be able to call you my friend. You’re a world-changer George. Your absolute best days are ahead of you. Wait and see what God is going to do with this.

Indeed, one prayer offered up in faith has already changed the world. Let’s give all thanks to the One who makes it all happen.

So on this day, Dr. Kalaras, I smile from ear to ear and I celebrate you, my brother! With God on your side, with the Holy Spirit as your ally, and with Christ in your heart, get out there and change the world!

I love you, bro.

On your side,


Finally, as most of you know, we have launched our 300 @ 50 Campaign that will be on going through this year to raise funds to fulfill LIFEiLEAD’s mission and vision. Please click this link for a video regarding the campaign

300 @ 50
How can you get involved?

Prayer  -For finances
-For leaders
-For exposure and networking opportunities

-Seed Money for the next 5 years
-Program Development
-Planting and Maintaining LiL Support Groups

Resources  -Website Management
-Public Relations
-Editor for Newsletter and other Documents
Share LiL with a friend or family member

-Let others know what LiL is doing
-Encourage those struggling through addiction and recovery to come to our groups

We would like to thank, from the bottom of our hearts, the 96 people who have already given to the campaign. You have helped kick off 2014 with a great and hopeful start. We still need 204 more people to give a one-time donation of $50 (or more) to reach the goal of our ever-growing budget.

Your support through time, energy, prayer, finances and other resources have been greatly appreciated thus far. We look forward to continuing to partner with you in 2014 as we empower leaders of transformed lives and reach those who have been affected by addiction.

Again, thank you all who have supported us this past year, we hope that you continue to support us in any way that you can. May you all have an abundantly blessed 2014

A Sister’s Cry For Help is Answered

“Dear George,

Most amazing news that I wanted to share with you and Angela and to thank you for praying. Last night my brother phoned and told me he has lost the urge to have any alcohol. In fact, he told me he hasn’t had a drink in over 100 days since December. I was floored and starting crying and couldn’t stop because we both knew that without rehab this was a miracle. This has NEVER happened before ever. In 25 years of alcohol he has never said these words to me. He told me he was tired of having his entire life revolve around drinking.  He said he was tired of not be able to sleep. I asked him why he hadn’t quit before and he said he just didn’t want to, but he got to his breaking point and had enough. It was as if I was talking to a different person and it was as if he was talking about his drinking that happened in another lifetime. Do you know what I mean? He was telling me that on some days he would drink all day until the point of passing out and he said for years he never had a full night’s rest (all this I already knew). He said he had never felt this good in a long time and that he was spending time at the gym and now he is able to lose the weight he always wanted to lose. He said someone had offered a beer to him in the last few days and he refused. He told me he was drinking a-lot of diet coke.

December was a tough month. He took some sleeping pills and started hallucinating and was sent to a mental hospital for observation. He had also gotten in a car accident a received a DWI for taking the sleeping pills. I think this was his breaking point.

I told him since 2012 I had been praying Isaiah 37:28-31. He thanked me and said God has brought all these events on him in the last few months to have him quit and that it wasn’t anything short of a miracle.

After the events in December I was physically and mentally drained and had lost all power within me to pray.  And that is when God started to move. I am so humbled by the God we serve. I’m still walking around in a bit of awe. Praying since 2012 and according to the scripture (Isaiah 29) God answered in the year he said he would answer 2014. Simply amazing. When we spoke last week, I mentioned to him that this is now his testimony that he will have to share.  He said, “One step at a time.” Now I pray that the Lord will heal his physical body from years of drinking and send him a Godly mentor. There is so much addiction in our small community in Louisiana.  My vision is to one day see LIFEiLEAD there and in Canada. Yes Dr. George??  Prayerfully yes?  I haven’t spoken to him since last week. He isn’t a huge talker so I usually wait to hear from him when he feels like talking. In fact he volunteered to open up to me last month.  My Mom told me she was so happy he did that. First time ever.

I wanted to share that with you as you and Angela have covered us in prayer in times of need and we will forever be grateful. Dennis and I will support LIFEiLEAD in any way we can. However, I know this is just a starting point for my brother and I will continue to be in much prayer for him.  Every day will be a choice for him.

What you and Angela are doing is jaw dropping. Who cares for the addicts these days?? I can tell you people bring casseroles and pies for a funeral but for addiction or divorce you don’t see those. From experience, I can tell you no. So the work you and Angela are doing is inspiring and leaves me speechless.”

We at LIFEiLEAD are dedicated in helping one person at a time! We are honored, privileged, and at the same time speechless with this modern-day miracle that occurred in this family’s life. Prayer saves lives! We’ve been working with this family since Spring of 2012, providing guidance, support and most of all HOPE. All glory to our God!

21 more people have given!
Total 96 PEOPLE! – Angela and I would like to thank the 96 PEOPLE who have contributed a one time gift of $50 so far! We are asking for 204 more people to give a one time gift of $50 (or more) through 2014. You can make it out to LIFEiLEAD and send to: PO Box 633 Warrington PA 18976 or through our secure Paypal link http://lifeilead.com/donate-2/
Help us spread the word, please share our video with your friends Go here for more info: http://lifeilead.com/300-50-campaign-2014/

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